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Moving film festivals forward

Festily is the world's leading print traffic platform

Keep your film festival on track and on time

Festily helps with your festival's organization and ensures that filmmakers deliver their films on time, every time.

Festival Management

Automate tasks with useful productivity tools: send bulk emails, collect info from participants, follow up with reminders.

Easy Delivery

Say goodbye to hard drives and shipping fees! Festily enables secure film delivery for massive files at lightning speeds.

Filmmaker Benefits

Filmmakers and distributors benefit with streamlined communication and a free DCP delivery option.


The new standard in festival management

The days of disorganization and lost films are over. Take control of your festival and ensure every film is accounted for and screenings are on time.


Film Tracking

Festily automatically updates in real-time with deliveries and uploads, so you know with confidence when films are due to arrive.


Smart Scheduling

Drag-and-drop films, shorts groupings, and custom events to build your festival's schedule.


Simplified Team Management

Keep your team up-to-date, organized, and focused on the task at hand by creating roles and permissions.


A better experience for filmmakers

Let's face it - filmmakers are the most important part of your event. Festily makes delivering their film to your festival easy and intuitive, so it always arrives on time and in the right format, regardless of their technical know-how.


Simplified Delivery

Send your filmmaker a delivery guide to ensure their film is in the correct format and sent on time.


File Uploader

Festily utilizes best-in-class transfer technology, enabling filmmakers to upload massive files quickly and securely. No more waiting for hard drives to arrive in the mail.

Here's what other film festivals are saying about Festily

Providing an outstanding product and service is just one of the many reasons why our customers enjoy Festily.

"Festily will change the way you think about print traffic and save your festival a boatload of time and money"

Dallas International Film Festival

"Working with Festily has been a true win-win solution. Our filmmakers win by receiving cost-effective solutions to deliver DCPs. Our technical team wins with a streamlined print traffic workflow."

Elizabeth Radshaw, HotDocs

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